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Sunday, October 02, 2005

A confusing Sunday

Well, the day began with a wonderful breakfast at Mary's Restaurant, a real "Beachy" landmark. The kids love to go there to see "old surfers" and their friends. The restaurant attracts all manner of people, homeless, elite, surfers, touristas( that's the word the kids all use). We had country ham, biscuits, sausage with white sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, coffee and orange juice. Five of us went and squeezed into a rather small booth. Everyone was a bit cranky until they discovered the free coffee out on the patio while waiting for our table. So, once we finished breakfast, we motored home to see Ren and Autumn off. They both have to get back to their jobs on Monday.( They are such little capitalists now. It's cute.)

Once we packed the girls off, Jason decided to make business cards, and a trip to Kinko's was in order. We waited for him to perfect his graphics and headed off to the Hilltop area. Once at Kinko's, we were able to get an intelligent salesman who put Jas's stuff on a CD and we were done!! Then I insisted we go to the Office Max to acquire some office supplies for my job at the City. Once again we headed home to peace and quiet.

It wasn't long before we found some new things to catch our interest. Jason slept while Becca researched the local banking institutions and I cut out patterns to make Becca a skirt. Now that she's a college grad, the child needs "big girl" clothes. I love to sew and she's here to try things on, so we will make her some skirts to wear.

Soon, we were surprised with a visit from Thayer and his son, Canyon. What a cute kid. So smart and so extroverted. The boys chatted a bit and I continued to cut out patterns. Then they left, and we chilled the remainder of the afternoon. Jason was starving. We quickly grilled up some grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet iced tea with lemon. That held us until dinner.

Dinner was another story. We defrosted some chicken and I put together a rub for it. Remember, I don't have my ovens working yet. Ever since the power surge, I have been waiting for VA. Power to come assess the damage and put in a claim so I can have my ovens back!! Outdoor grills are great, but it does get old after a while. I also lost my telephone, my microwave works on half power and my computer almost blew itself into oblivion. I was lucky to have had the computer on two cheap surge protectors. Now I know the value of having a decent surge protector. Oh, did I mention that it also blew out both of the cable boxes. Thank God they replaced those the next day and didn't charge me. So, now I have to wait for the assessor to get here.

I'm tired tonight, but I will get the delicious rub recipe on here tomorrow that we put on our chicken we grilled for dinner. Becca cooked some veggies, and we all had a late dinner. Now everyone is watching "Crash" on video. Great movie, by the way. Well, I'm done for now and quite tired. I have to be in training all day tomorrow, so I have to gear up for a boring day.


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