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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Quiet, finally

Well, the kids have gone to play Scrabble. The day went by without too much hassel at work. Still trying to put together a Substance Abuse curriculum for the inmates in the Drug Block. Takes allot out of me, since putting all those little pieces together is certainly not my forte. Well, today was a good day for Becca. She had an interview with a bank president who referred her on to a financial president. She's interested in learning how to put together portfolios. Now that girl loves micro anything!!! She's good at, also. Jason had a good day as well. He has an appointment tomorrow about the graphic design world in Tidewater. He's good. The two of them have so much talent, it just might blow the lid off the City!!

Jason and Becca had supper duty tonight. I finished my therapy job around seven o'clock and came home to such a nice dinner. They fixed "fancy tacos" with black beans and rice. You know it's great to have "simple" every now and again. It was delicious and filling. Couldn't begin to tell you the recipe for his beans and rice!!

Well, it's bedtime. I know I keep promising these recipes and all, but I just have been too tired in the evenings. So, on the week-end I will get some together and post them for all to try!!


At 6:40 AM, Blogger epsmcl said...

Becca's tacos certainly are a delight. She's even good at micro cutting oof vegetables.


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