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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Quiet Saturday at the Beach

You know having kids keeps your life full. This week-end I have my babies (all grown) here hanging out together for the week-end. Rennie and Autumn came for the Cold Play concert and to see her brother, Jason, and his significant other, Becca. Ren came from Wilmington and Autumn from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Jason and Becca have recently moved here from New York City and are about to embark on new careers. Becca is looking in the financial world and Jason into the art world. They are with me for a while until their finances get stronger.

Well, I know this is MIMI'S KITCHEN, so I guess I should say something about that. Since Virginia Power had a power surge through my kitchen two week-ends ago, I have really felt a tremendous loss!! I cannot use my ovens, so I am relegated to the outdoor grill and stove. That takes some creativity. The meat part is easy enough, but coming up with the rest will take some doing. I defrosted some steaks, so I'm thinking of marinating them in some soy sauce, grated ginger, honey and, of course, garlic. Sound good? I think I'll slice some red potatoes and onions, add some butter and olive oil with some garlic pepper and rosemary,(that I grow in my garden. Fresh is always better.), then wrap them in foil to bake on the grill. Of course, a nice fresh salad goes well with some blush wine dressing. Dessert may have to be Dove Bars or maybe I can run down to the store and find some fruits to chop up and serve with plain old vanilla ice cream. For now, that's dinner.


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